There are no borders to what you can achieve with an israeli team.

Let Ovawork set up an office in Israel staffed with a devoted, skilled and experienced team that works exclusively for you.

Far, not foreign.

Every employee we hire on your behalf will:

Be fluent in English

Be trained for office work

Be vetted and interviewed

Be committed and trustworthy

They don't sleep at work.
They work while you sleep.

Having a productive team in another time zone means waking up every morning to a set of completed tasks. Whoever said you can't make money in your sleep never had overseas employees.

Smart people with no smartphones.

36% of millennials and Gen Z employees spend two hours or more checking their phones during the workday, wasting time and resources. The employees we hire don't have smartphones. That translates into laser-sharp focus with zero distractions. How's that for saving time and money?

They count blessings, not breaks.

Because jobs in Israel are harder to come by, employees feel fortunate to land a steady position. Which means they are hardworking - grateful for the opportunity to have work.

We Ovawork so you don't have to.

What do you actually get?

As many staff members as you need.

We source, vet and hire as many team members as you're looking to staff.

An On-site manager.

We employ a manager to ensure your staff is supported in office at all times.

A fully stocked office.

We set up your team with a workspace that includes desks, computers, internet and office supplies.

An HR department.

We deal with any and every employee related task and issue that comes up.

No recruitment fees.

We never charge you for finding the employee.

A client saved $400,000 this year.

They set up an office in Israel following the Ovawork model. They already saved 400K within the first year. What were the savings based on?

  • Salaries
  • Recruitment Fees
  • Taxes
  • HR Staff
  • Productivity
  • Desk Space

Get what you need.

Unlock the talent and skills that comes along the ride.

Ova-delivered. Not Ova-priced.

For an all-inclusive hourly rate, you get an employee hired by us, managed by us and perfect for you.

It's your office, your employees and our headache.

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